I’m willing to bet if you’re reading this, you’re already aware that sex is good for you. But do you know why sex is good for mental health?

Let’s face it, we all have our needs and for most of us, sex is no exception. When our basic and fundamental needs are not met, our mental and physical health can take a hit. When most people think of our basic human needs, food, shelter, and water come to mind. However, for many people, a healthy sex life is also an important aspect of a full and happy life for many people.

Some people choose to live an asexual or celibate life, and for them, this choice isn’t necessarily physically or psychologically unhealthy (depending on their reasons). However, for the folks that crave the intimacy of a sexual relationship, a healthy sex life is a vital part of a full and happy life. Sex is not only part of a fulfilling life for many people, it also supports good mental health in many ways.

Why Sex Is Good For Mental Health

1. Sex Boosts Serotonin


Did you know sex is a natural anti-depressant? This is one of the reasons why sex is good for mental health.

Low serotonin can cause you to be unable to create or act on plans and strategies. If you have low serotonin, you might have difficulty finishing tasks. You might also become easily agitated, feel a bit down in the dumps, or be unable to control your impulses. Sex boosts serotonin, which helps improve your mood and fights off depression. Additionally, one of the hormones released during orgasm is serotonin, leaving you feeling soothed from stress and anxiety.

2. sex Boosts Self Esteem


A boost to your self-esteem is another reason why sex is good for mental health.

For many people, a lack of sex can be harmful for many reasons. No sex, or very little can negatively impact your sense of self causing your self-worth and confidence to plummet. When you have sex, there’s an increase in feelings of intimacy with your partner. Additionally, we tend to feel more nurtured and desired when we’re having sex which naturally boosts our self-confidence and overall well-being.

3. Sex Can Improve your Sleep


Helping you sleep better is another reason why sex is good for mental health.

Sex also improves how you sleep. It’s very common to fall asleep after sex because your body releases prolactin, a hormone that helps you feel rested and relaxed. When you have an orgasm, your brain releases oxytocin, which is a hormone that promotes sleep. We all know that a lack of sleep can worsen a mental health disorder (and pretty much anything else), or increase your risk for developing depression or anxiety. Sex will help your sleep which leads to a healthier, more refreshed you.

4. sex Makes you happy


If you don’t feel more happy during and after sex, something is wrong. Sex helps give you a mood boost which is a big reason why sex is good for mental health.

The cuddling and physical intimacy of sex also gives a boost to your happiness. Endorphins are one of the many chemicals released in your brain during sex. Endorphins are the neurotransmitters associated with the feeling of happiness, causing your mood to brighten overall – which also helps lift depression.

James Killian, LPC is the Principal Therapist & Owner of Arcadian Counseling in New Haven, CT where they specialize in helping over-thinkers, high achievers, and perfectionists reduce stress, increase fulfillment and enhance performance so they can move From Surviving To Thriving.