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in New Haven, CT

When you work with us for anxiety therapy and counseling, you will learn how to gain control of your anxious thoughts, find balance, slow down and get your life back.

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Just Relax!

If only it were that simple.

Lately it seems like you’re just trying to get through the day and reacting to everything that comes your way. You can’t seem to focus or concentrate and you’re constantly worried about something.

It’s getting harder and harder to control your anxious, racing thoughts and no matter what you do, it seems like you just can’t relax.

It feels like everyday stress has turned into anxiety and now it’s interfering with daily life. Maybe you find yourself thinking:

  • Why am I so worried all the time?
  • Why can’t I just relax?
  • What if this doesn’t get better?
  • Will I always feel this way?
  • Is it supposed to be this hard?
  • Am I the only one who feels like this?
  • Why am I so irritable all the time?

Maybe you’re still grasping onto old habits that don’t even seem to reduce anxiety or stress anymore – drinking, substance use, over-working, or “binging Netflix.”

As you continue to struggle, a sense of hopelessness increases while your ability to cope decreases.

So begins the vicious cycle of anxiety.

stress and anxiety therapy in New Haven, CT

How Can Anxiety Therapy In New Haven Help?

Imagine what it would feel like to be back in control. You no longer feel like you’re just going through the motions. Now you’re thriving – with confidence and clarity and your worry and anxious thoughts seem insignificant. You have the strategies and tools to kick your anxiety in the teeth and your stress to the curb.

When you work with me for anxiety therapy, you will learn how to gain control of your anxious thoughts and get your life back.

If you’re looking for a stuffy and distant anxiety therapist to sit there nodding, while occasionally tossing out a “How does that make you feel?” then you’re in the wrong place. But if you’re looking for an intuitive, transparent partner with real-world experience to jump in the trenches with you and help create a plan of action for lasting change, then you’ve found the right anxiety therapist.

This is why when you work with me, you will actually learn coping strategies that work so you can get back to living your life.

I believe anxious feelings are driven by our thoughts. Therefore, if we’re feeling anxious, that means we’re having anxious thoughts – most of which probably aren’t based in reality – often fueled by “what if” questions and frequent worst-case scenarios.

But if we’re not aware of the thoughts hurting us, it’s pretty hard to change. Together, we will implement a healthy dose of mindfulness techniques to increase your awareness – which often brings a sense of relief by itself. You’ll learn to recognize the thought patterns contributing to stress, worry, anxiety, fear and anything else getting in the way.

Next we will implement the most effective techniques used by the most successful people all over the world with the absolute highest success rates. It’s short-term, time-limited and no BS.

It’s not about changing your past. It’s about changing how you experience your world in a whole new way.

When anxiety treatment is all said and done you will feel confident, focused, and a sense of purpose. You’ll know how to create peace of mind and how to sustain it. You will know how to gain control of negative thoughts and emotions and you’ll learn how to stop doing what isn’t working and start doing what will work!

No longer will you be riding blind in the backseat at the mercy of everything around you merely surviving. You’ll be in the driver’s seat – thriving.

Life doesn’t have to be this hard. Schedule a free consult today for anxiety therapy.