Grief Counseling

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Whether you’ve just lost the love of your life, a parent, or your dream job, grief and loss can turn your world upside down. Let us help you put the pieces back together again.
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Your Grief Is Real

There are no shortcuts to your healing. Take all the time you need.

Maybe you feel lost, lonely, stuck and overwhelmed with emotions you’re not sure what to do with. Coping with the demands and decisions of grieving can be daunting. Normal everyday tasks seem too hard and sometimes you wonder how you will get through the day.

The feeling of grief and loss is often like a void in us, the place that the person or situation filled within us is now gone. This is why so many people say they feel empty. The reality is, all these emotions are normal.

What you really need for yourself and from others is compassion, patience, support and understanding as you work through the roller coaster of emotions. Whether the loss is of a person, relationship, career, etc., the grief process is different for everyone. But you just want to feel better now. However, grief takes time.

But there is no time limit to grief; it takes as long as it takes.

Regardless of your loss, grief counseling in New Haven, CT can help

grief counseling in New Haven, CT
If you’re like most people, you try to push it away. People say things that aren’t helpful and sometimes are downright hurtful leaving you feeling more isolated and frustrated. You try to hide from the pain by distracting yourself with mundane tasks, “staying active,” put on a happy face, “staying strong” for others, binge-watching Netflix, or maybe even trying to numb the emotions with alcohol or other substances.

But it probably isn’t working. You still feel sad. You still miss them. You feel angry at them for leaving. You feel guilty for things you said or wish you had said. And in the brief moments when you forget and find yourself smiling or laughing, you feel guilty for feeling this way.

So goes the seemingly never-ending, vicious cycle.

Grief counseling with a grief therapist provides you an opportunity to sort through the roller coaster of emotions. A grief counselor can talk to you about what are normal reactions to grief and help you find the peace, calm, and joy that have been missing in your life. Through grief counseling, you can find the strength to face your emotions head on and find ways to be at peace with your loss without feeling guilting for laughing, smiling, or feeling happy.