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Feeling lost & disconnected?

On the outside it seems like you’ve got a great life. You’re accomplished, driven, and dependable. But on the inside, it never seems good enough and you often feel like an imposter.

Lately it seems like you’re just trying to get through the day and reacting to everything that comes your way. You can’t seem to focus or stay in the moment and it feels like you’re always worried or stressed about something.

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Where do you even begin?

You’re here and you’re fed up. You want to feel in control again – focused, calm, and with a sense of direction and clarity.

You want the tools and strategies necessary to keep your stress in check and let go of all the nonsense getting in the way of preventing you from enjoying the life you deserve and accomplishing your goals.

Get Tools and Strategies That Work

When you work with me, you will learn tools and strategies that work – so you can get back to living your life! You’ll learn how to stop struggling with negative thoughts and emotions. I’ll help you learn how to stop doing the things that aren’t working so you can start doing what does work.

You’ll learn how to create peace of mind and how to sustain it.

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Online Scheduling and Virtual Sessions

With online scheduling, a client portal, and the ability to meet virtually through a secure platform, or in-person in our comfortable office just outside of New Haven, we make it easy to get the help you need.

If any of this resonates with you, go ahead and schedule a free consultation here. I’d love to help you get back in the driver’s seat and on the road to peace of mind.

In-person sessions available. Get started here.

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Stress & Anxiety Therapy

When you work with me for anxiety therapy, you will learn how to gain control of your anxious thoughts and get your life back.

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Anger Therapy

Through anger management coaching, we can teach you how to deal with painful feelings and control your reactions leading to more healthy relationships.

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Therapy For Men

With over a decade of experience and extensive training, we can help you to quickly uncover the real issues and provide solutions that are tough to discover on your own.

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James Killian

Meet James

Choosing the right therapist to help guide you through this moment in your life is an important decision. My goal is to help clients develop new skills and insights to improve the quality of their lives, relationships, and careers and move From Surviving To Thriving.

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James is the best therapist I’ve gone to. He listens without judgement, gives constructive advice, and creates an open and honest environment. He has helped me become a better version of myself and gave me the tools to get through my toughest moments. You can tell while talking to him, he is genuinely invested in helping you. I would recommend him to anyone!
Morgan M.

I’ve talked to several other therapists and was less than satisfied with what they had to offer and felt like I was wasting my money. I’ve been seeing James for about a month and a half and have seen noticable improvement in my mood and ability to handle difficult situations already. I was looking for someone to help me with the struggles of motherhood because my brain has gotten in the way of me enjoying life with my almost 2 year old son. He offers tools to help train your mind to handle these “difficult” situations and helps me to think differently. Worth every penny, I highly recommend.
Diana B.

James is a lifesaver, a life changer, and a game changer. He connects with teens and makes them see their own strengths and capabilities in ways that increases confidence beyond anything you ever thought you’d see in your teenager. Don’t be surprised when your kid practices calming exercises and tells you all of the things that he is proud of about himself. Better still is the focus you will see on his continued, mindful personal growth. Yup, that’s your kid. Thank you, James.
Lou A.

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