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3 Things Happy People Do

If you search on Amazon for books related to "happiness,” you will see page after page of titles claiming to have the secret to finding it. Why the obsession with happiness? Maybe the better question is, why does happiness seem to elude so many? A long time ago, we were too busy running from Saber Tooth tigers and searching for...[ read more ]

5 Tips For Parents To Manage Anxiety

The responsibility and unpredictability that often makes parenting so rewarding can also sometimes cause anxiety for some. As a parent myself, I can certainly attest to this. Here are some simple ways to bring yourself to a place of parental calm and peace. Or, as George Costanza might say, “Serenity Now!” 1. Make a To-Do List Ruminating on everything you...[ read more ]

4 Ways To Instantly Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural interaction between our mind and body. It’s typically a warning that something might be happening in our surroundings that demands our attention. For most of us, anxiety is an unpleasant but fleeting feeling that pops up on occasion during particularly stressful times. For some, anxiety is a regular part of life. And still for others, anxiety...[ read more ]

Why People Misunderstand Anxiety

Did you ever play the game called “telephone” growing up? One kid whispered a secret message into the ear of the kid next to him. That kid then whispered the “same” message into the ear of the kid next to her. On and on each kid would whisper the message around the circle until you came to the last kid,...[ read more ]

3 Ways Counseling Helps Anxiety

Millions of people deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Whether it’s a result of phobias, depressions, or post-traumatic stress, anxiety can take a toll on our mind, health, relationships, career, and more. If you deal with anxiety you most likely have looked into ways you can help calm your emotional rollercoaster. Perhaps you’ve even tried some self-help...[ read more ]

5 Tips to Lower Your Anxiety Before a Big Exam

For many of us, college was absolutely the best time in our lives. The freedom and friendships made those four years incredibly special. But college isn’t all sparkles and unicorns. For others, college is a completely different and often negative experience. As fun as it can be, it’s also incredibly stressful, especially when it comes time to take an exam. The bigger...[ read more ]