Online Counseling in CT

At Arcadian Counseling, we also offer the convenient option of Online Therapy Services for Connecticut and Arizona residents as well as individuals who live internationally and abroad. Teletherapy is not a good option for everyone, but it is for many.

Teletherapy might be a good fit if you:

  • Live in Connecticut or Arizona
  • Live abroad or overseas
  • Travel frequently for work both nationally or internationally
  • Find it challenging to leave your home or office consistently
  • Suffer from agoraphobia</strong>
  • Struggle with physical disabilities
  • Live in a community where counseling services are unavailable
  • Need to reduce commute and travel time
  • Need flexibility for a place and time that best fits your schedule

Through Teletherapy, you gain access to live therapy services via a highly secure, online video platform that is HIPPA-compliant and fully confidential.

Other common terms for Online Counseling and Video counseling are: Virtual Therapy, Online Therapy, Teletherapy, and Telehealth.


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