Stress Management Therapy in New Haven, CT


Do you feel stressed all the time?

Does it feel like there aren’t enough minutes in the day?

Is your mind constantly busy or racing?

Do you want to learn how to slow down?

Do you feel like you could be more effective if only you could stop and learn to relax?

Do you feel edgy and quick to react towards family, friends and co-workers?

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Can Help

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction is a way to be present in the moment by focusing on your breath in a non-judgmental and self-accepting way.

Mindful breathing involves turning attention from constant streams of thought to our breath. In doing so, we come out of our head space (where we spend most of our day) and into our body.

Staying connected with the breath decreases worry, rumination, negative thinking, feelings of depression and anxiety because the focus is no longer on everything you need to do, want to do, or can’t do right now. Instead, your attention is simply on your breath and your body.

Mindful breathing also has health benefits. In addition to feeling more relaxed and less stressed, mindful breathing lowers blood pressure, respiratory rate and our pulse. Having an increased control of our breath gives our body a break from chronic stress. Chronic stress increases the risk of anxiety, depression, digestive problems, weight gain, headaches, memory impairment, heart disease, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and many other health issues.

Is Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Right For Me?

If you feel overwhelmed, easily frustrated and irritable, “stressed-out,” and unable to relax and manage your racing thoughts, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction can help.

Learning how to check-in with your body by coming out of your head and into our body through your breath, will improve your productivity, performance, communication and stress level and help you be the best version of you!

If you don’t want to take medication for anxiety or your doctor recommended finding organic ways to manage stress, take the first step today. Having panic attacks, feeling easily overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, depressed and chronically fatigued can be a thing of the past.


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