Life Change Therapy in New Haven, CT


Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, stuck, or anxious as you face a period of transition?

Has a life change – planned or completely unexpected – completely caught you off guard, forcing you to question your identity, values and purpose?

Perhaps you are struggling to cope with the end of a relationship or the death of a loved one.

Maybe your children have left home and you feel lonely and unsure of what to do with your time.

If you or your partner are pregnant or have begun having children, you may feel torn between joy and terror, afraid that you will do something wrong or that you aren’t ready.

You might be facing a career change – or retirement – and wondering how to balance a desire for fulfilling work, responsibilities at home, and internal anxieties about your capabilities and skills.

Perhaps you’ve just earned your degree and feel completely stuck, paralyzed by all of the choices before you.


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Regardless of the life transition you are facing, it can feel frightening, complex or hopeless. For many, the unknown can bring on a  wave of fear – a fear of failure, rejection, discomfort or enormous challenges that you don’t feel ready to face. You may not even be sure of what you are afraid of, but feel on-edge, anxious and unable to identify what you really want. More than likely, a part of you wants to stay right where you are, in a place of familiarity, while another part of you craves a more fulfilling, satisfying life.

The only constant in life is change. The external world is always changing around you, however just because change is inevitable, doesn’t mean it is easy. Everyone is faced with challenging life transitions that push them to question their identity, values, hopes, fears, desires and needs. This can be uncomfortable and scary, and it’s common to feel a great deal of anxiety when facing change. Anxiety may be tempting you to stay put or wish that you could go back in time.

But if you are suffering or feeling lost, standing still can keep you stuck in thought and behavior patterns that are no longer helping you.

We all have inner voices telling us we’re not strong enough, smart enough or good enough to overcome obstacles or create the lives we want. We all feel like an imposter at times. Even if you feel like you are paralyzed in the face of choices before you, you are not broken. You are simply a human being.

The good news is that you can use this transition as an opportunity for growth. Life change counseling can help you learn to push through your fears and view change – even the most sudden, painful change – as an opportunity to get in touch with your true values. There is hope for a new, more fulfilling life and a better tomorrow.


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If you feel stuck fearing the future or grieving the past, but feel eager to live in the present, we can help. With support and guidance, you can better understand your locus of control and feel more empowered and equipped to live a life aligned with your deepest values.

Together, we will explore the fears that are keeping you stuck. Many of the anxieties that come with life transitions stem from fear of the unknown, and no person can change the unknown. We will help you shift negative core beliefs and clarify what you have power to change and what you don’t. While the external world can sometimes be difficult to navigate, you always have control over how you perceive changes and challenges.

We know how difficult and painful change can be. However, life changes serve as an opportunity to explore wants and needs, enter a new stage and to take a step toward living a more fulfilling life. With the right help and support, and your willingness to self-explore, you can respond to change, experience profound growth, and create a better, richer, and more satisfying life.


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