Divorce Counseling in New Haven, CT


Life is hard. It feels like it’s always go, go, go! Everyone depends on you for everything. You’re the coordinator, the Uber driver, everyone’s shoulder, the cook, and you still have to figure out how to hold down a full time job to provide financial support.

Yet it seems like no matter what you do, you never really feel happy. In fact, when you try to relax and enjoy yourself, you feel guilty because, in your mind, you’re neglecting someone else’s needs.

And now you’re facing divorce. Your whole world is changing and everything you thought you knew is wrong.

You have no idea what to do next.

But the one thing you know for sure is that what you have been doing is no longer working.


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Perhaps you feel lonely, lost, or heartbroken.

Counseling and therapy for difficult separations and divorce offers hope and help to feel empowered and provide some clarity in a difficult transition. Together we will work to improve insight, communication, and stronger boundaries for yourself. We may explore the emotional and psychological challenges you’re faced with during and after a break-up or difficult divorce including changes of lifestyle, career, finances, peer group, co-parenting, or navigating the dating world again.

Maybe you’re looking for a new partner or recovering from relationship conflict or a break-up and seeking more understanding about yourself or your relationship history. Maybe you’ve been hurt and are questioning the idea of pursuing a romantic relationship at all. We can explore common fears and negative thought patterns such as:

  •  Am I going to be single forever?
  •  I feel like I’ve lost my soul mate. 
  •  I’ve been hurt so badly. I can’t go through this again.
  •  I can’t stop thinking about him/her. Am I ever going get over this?
  •  I want a great relationship but I always seem to self-sabotage.
  •  Why do I keep attracting the wrong kind of person?

We help newly single and heartbroken people bounce back from breakups, navigate commitment crises and infidelity. We will work with you to help you come to peace with past emotional injuries so you’re ready for your next relationship. Together we will identify your strengths and needs to better anticipate future relationship issues to prevent repeating the same mistakes.


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