Relationship & Couples Therapy in Woodbridge, CT


Does it feel as though you and your partner are stuck and becoming increasingly disconnected?

Are you hopeless your relationship will never be as fulfilling as wish?

Are you worried your relationship won’t last if you can’t find a way to communicate effectively?

Do you long for a return to the emotional and physical intimacy and closeness that you once shared?

It isn’t always clear what is causing relationship conflict or how you can communicate in an authentic, respectful way. You may be suffering after a breach in trust, such as an infidelity. Or, perhaps one or both of you is consumed by work or taking care of a difficult child, that you no longer feel like your relationship is a priority. And, to make matters worse, you may constantly worry that you are headed toward a separation or divorce if you can’t find a way to heal and grow closer.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to address and resolve the pattern of distance or conflict that has you feeling confused, upset and disconnected. A skilled and compassionate couples therapist can help you learn how to communicate deeply, honestly, and with kindness and respect. You can connect with you partner again in ways that promote a stronger, more secure connection.

The goal of relationship counseling is to help you and your partner gain the self-confidence, awareness and communication skills you both need to heal and grow as a couple.

We will help you explore sources of relationship conflict and learn to listen to each other with empathy and understanding. You can recognize how emotions affect the way you each think, feel and behave in different situations and learn to respond to your partner’s emotional needs. When you and your partner come together to address the root cause of the disconnection in your relationship rather than just focus on surface-level issues, you can create peaceful healing and achieve meaningful and lasting change.


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