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3 Ways To Reconnect With Your Partner

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  Thanks to TV and movies, many couples have been led to believe the secret to reconnecting and rekindling the passion is through a cruise, luxury cars or jewelry. But the reality is, once there’s a disconnect between partners, gifts and vacations simply don’t cut it. It may seem counterintuitive, but love isn’t mended through grandiose deeds, but through small...[ read more ]

3 Keys To a Happy Marriage

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Ever wondered why some marriages last decades while others barely go two years? Why do some couples thrive and grow together while others crash and burn? The secret? There are three secrets actually; three keys to a happy and successful marriage. Without all three of these, many couples will struggle to remain connected and committed. Know Yourself and Your Partner...[ read more ]

3 Simple Ways to Improve Communication In Your Relationship

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  Countless studies concur the number one reason for divorce is poor communication. Beyond having different communication styles, issues often arise when both partners are not comfortable talking about their feelings. The good news? Talking about feelings is not the only or even necessarily the best way for couples to maintain a happy and healthy relationship! Here are some great...[ read more ]

Lost Your Confidence? Try This To Get Your Swagger Back

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There is a lot of talk about coping with low self-esteem, but less is said about self-esteem that comes and goes. The truth is, when it comes to self-esteem and self-confidence, most people fit in the middle of the spectrum, feeling fairly self-confident one minute and then anxious the next. If you feel like you’re in the midst of a...[ read more ]

5 Unexpected Ways to Manage Anxiety

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Whether anxiety is something you struggle with on a daily basis, or if you suffer from it occasionally, it’s a feeling we can all relate to. But if anxiety is a constant in your life and you’ve tried everything you can think of, it can be worth trying out a few new things. Of course, determining the origin and cause of...[ read more ]

What to Expect at Your First Therapy Session For Anxiety

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So, you have an appointment with an Anxiety Counselor for the first time and you don't know what to expect. Naturally, this may bring about additional anxiety symptoms however, this is to be expected. Arriving When you get to the office, your experience may be similar to a doctor's appointment. You might sign in, sit in a waiting room, and...[ read more ]

How Meditation Can Help Manage Stress & Anxiety

Life is hard sometimes. Whether it's managing finances, battling long commutes, or consoling demanding children and bosses, stress manifests in a variety of ways. Recent surveys reveal some pretty alarming statistics about stress: 33% of people feel they live with an extreme amount of stress, and 48% of individuals believe the stress in their lives has increased over the past...[ read more ]

Using Insurance To Pay For Counseling? What You Need To Know

As counselors, we are required to adhere to an ethical code which states: “Do No Harm.” But what happens when we do and it’s outside of our control? I still remember the day my client came in my office, looked right into my eyes and said, “I’m really angry with you.” She proceeded to tell me how she had recently...[ read more ]

3 Common Myths About Counseling

It seems that until recently, most people were uncomfortable discussing counseling because of the stigma attached by our society and culture. Even still today, there are those that prefer to keep their counseling a secret for fear of what others will think. As a result, there are still some fairly big misconceptions about counseling and therapy. Here are three of...[ read more ]

How To Find a Therapist Near Me?

If you don’t personally know a therapist, counselor, or psychologist, finding the right one can be challenging. Time after time, I hear from people, “It’s so hard to find a counselor.” Most people are intimidated by the process of trying to find a counselor or therapist and as such, they simply avoid it or put it off. Others are unfamiliar...[ read more ]